Updated Oct. 10, 2019

If you were to do some research about Mooresville, Indiana’s pedal builder Audio Disruption Devices (aka ADD Pedals), you’d be hard pressed to find anything more than this soundbite: “I build small quantities of weird things.” And that’s really all our weird pedal-loving followers need to know, isn’t it?

Our friend Collector-Emitter covered in this video the company’s trasformations. pedal, a chaotic and creative fuzz with three gain settings (Filth toggle switch), two clipping modes (Clip switch, which can also be off) and an analog Octave (up) circuit with a character all of its own.

The three Filth setting give you access to high, medium and low gain fuzz for a wide range of options from over the top filth to almost overdrive-sounding, while engaging the Clip toggle switch engages either a smoother, tighter and more compressed LED-based clipping or a darker yes more dynamic Mosfet-based clipping. The two clipping modes trigger a different color Clip light (red the former, green the latter).

Check out the video, below.