If you were to do some research about Mooresville, Indiana’s pedal builder Audio Disruption Devices (aka ADD Pedals), you’d be hard pressed to find anything more than this soundbite: “I build small quantities of weird things.” And that’s really all our weird pedal-loving followers need to know, isn’t it?

Our friend Collector-Emitter covered in this video the company’s trasformations. pedal, a chaotic and creative fuzz with three gain settings (Filth toggle switch), two clipping modesĀ (Clip switch, which can also be off) and an analog Octave (up) circuit with a character all of its own.

The three Filth setting give you access to high, medium and low gain fuzz for a wide range of options from over the top filth to almost overdrive-sounding, while engaging the Clip toggle switch engages either a smoother, tighter and more compressed LED-based clipping or a darker yes more dynamic Mosfet-based clipping. The two clipping modes trigger a different color Clip light (red the former, green the latter).

Check out the video, below.