Audio Disruption Devices Failed Transmission

The Audio Disruption Devices Failed Transmission is the latest pedal, a fuzz, from this Mooresville, Indiana boutique pedal builder, that declares to be focusing on building “small quantities of weird things.”

The Failed Transmission keeps faith to this intent: it’s a creative fuzz/overdrive with a separate and blendable noise oscillation circuit. The oscillator can be tuned to the key of the part you are playing, produces anything from an intriguing droney sound reminiscent of a ring modulator to a sub-octave-ish tone, but more dynamic and saturated and less robotic sounding.

The first circuit your signal hits in the device is either a fuzz or a cleanish overdrive, you can switch between the two circuits hitting the Overlord footswitch, and control the gain through the Loud knob. The oscillator is gated to the signal and controlled by the three knobs on the right:

Noise controls the amount of oscillation mixed in with the fuzz signal.
Tune adjusts the pitch of the oscillator and can sound like a sub-octave on higher settings.
Malfunction adds a pitch envelope to the oscillator, creating interesting sweeping effects triggered by the dynamics of the performance.

The two toggle switchesSignal and Static affect the bass frequencies’ character.

Here’s the first video of this noise machine: