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Australian manufacturer of high end pedals and valve amplification, MI Audio (present at our SNAMM 2013 Stompbox Exhibit) was founded in 2002 and grew from hobby to small business when founder Michael Ibrahim realized that the circle of people wanting his debut pedal Tube Zone Overdrive was getting a little too large.

Fast forward 10+ years, MI Audio is now one of the most established Australian stompbox manufacturers, with more than 10 pedals under their belt, mostly operating in the realms of distortion and dynamics, with the only exception of  the Polyanna Octave – a poly-octave synth pedal.

A few weeks ago we had a quick look at their latest release Cross Over Drive, but the Super Crunch Box (pictured) was released just a few months ago (April 2013) and already has a dozen of demos and video reviews on Youtube – which at the very least means that reviewers want to show off what they can do with it.

Check out the video below, and if you are going to Summer NAMM next week don’t forget to visit us at Booth #1054.