Founded in 1995 near Dallas,  Texas, Boomerang Music has been mostly focusing on the creation of the ultimate looper pedal – they actually promote on their site the fact that they have been continuously producing quality loopers longer than any other company. Their flagship stompbox is called Phrase Sampler (aka the “Rang”), which has now reached version III, received great reviews on both Guitar Player and Premier Guitar, and first appeared on the market in the second half of the 90s.

Since loopers are extremely complex pedals, Boomerang throughout the years  has also focused on releasing foot controllers that would allow guitarists to easily toe-tweak as many parameters of their Phrase Sampler as possible. The Side Car Controller was created for this purpose and it only works with version III, while the smaller Wholly Roller Volume / Expession Pedal – although designed with the looper in mind – represents an intriguingly different approach to the volume pedal concept and can be used with any effect accepting a TRS expression pedal input.

Boomerang’s pedal roster also features another effect, the Stereo Chorus*Delay Pedal, which claims to provide studio quality sounds – as opposed to stompbox quality ones.

Check out the videos below – and/or come to Summer NAMM 2013 in Nashville to try it for yourself at booth #1054!!