Based in Upstate New York, ARC Effects aims at bridging the gap between old school quality and new school features and functionality through a unique selection of hand made pedals made using top shelf components and construction methods.

For now the company’s “roster” sticks with overdrive and boost pedals priced just under $200, with each pedal offering a different flavor, from the Crimson King – a modern take on the rare “Buzz” Fuzz pedal – to the vintage sounding Gamut booster, a nod to the classic Treble Booster, with the added option of the range knob to boost the full range of  frequencies for a bigger sound.

Klon Centaur overdrive cultists may want to check out the ARC recreation of that pedal, the Klone V2 (pictured), which, to the legendary clean boost and incredibly dynamic overdriven sound, also adds an internal DIP switch for an added bass boost option, a feature requested by many users of the first version now sold out.

Check out an A/B comparison between the two pedals below.