Lollygagger FX Canaglia

Lollygagger FX is a Michigan-based pedal manufacturer that, at least for now, is entirely committed to one hand-made overdrive design called Canaglia (Italian for “scoundrel”), which they deliver in many differently colored wooden enclosures. All variations look truly beautiful and, according to many, so they sound – here’s an in-depth review by the Tone Report.

This stompbox has a very interesting design with three gain knobs (Post, Gain and Pre, therefore three gain stages that interact with each other) and no tone control. The right footswitch turns the pedal on/off, while the right one bypasses/activates the Post gain stage.

Because of this, the Canaglia also works well as a boost or distortion and as an OD + Boost pedal, acting a crucial tool for guitarists who like use an extra gain stage to push their tone to the next level during solos or more aggressive parts.

Check out these recent videos of the Lollygagger FX Canaglia!

The Canaglia overdrive allows for the sweet or hot sound that your amp is missing. The Canaglia is CNC machined and then hand wired with precision point to point soldered turret constrution. Each Canaglia has the same original gain shaping and overdrive circuitry, but is dyed and finished by hand. Every Canaglia rececives several levels of testing to guarantee the personalized hand construction is as incredible in sound as it looks in beauty.