We were among the first ones to see and hear Adventure Audio’s Whateverb – the company’s owner and designer Christian Terjesen unveiled it at our 2016 Toronto Stompbox Exhibit just about one year ago – and we were instantly intrigued by it. The pedal has been a little bit of a sleeper, so it’s great to see that bestguitareffects.com just gave it a 4.5 out of five stars in this review.

The renewed attention towards the New York (upstate) manufacturer might have also been triggered by this video by Knobs about the Dream Reaper, the company’s upcoming pedal currently on pre-order, which had almost 60k views last December. Presented as a “Fuzzy Feedback Modulation Machine,” this is an effects for creative minds that are not afraid to experiment and get noisy.

Check out the full line of Adventure Audio pedals to date (click for demo videos).