The AC Noises Ricorda (which means “remember” in Italian, but sounds a lot like “recording” in English) is a stereo digital pedal that extends the concept of granular synthesis popular in digital delay circuits to the realm of ambient reverb.

Granular synthesis consists in a digital memory that reorganizes more or less randomly parts of a sample, and that’s exactly what the Ricorda’s looper does, creating impressionistic textures from the incoming signal and drenching them in ambient reverb.

This pedal can also act as a regular reverb through the typical MixDecaySize and Tone knobs, but the fun begins when you start experimenting with the directions of the Size knob, which can be forward or reversed, or the Freeze footswitch, which locks the reverb, prolonging it until you hold it down.

The Freeze knob doubles as a looper that lets you add an extra layer of cycling effected signal to your soundscapes.

Here are a few examples of what the Ricorda can do.