Live 3501
Living Room demo of the A+ Live Reverb!

The pedal’s diverse sound is constituted by 8 reverb algorithms (patches) that add depth and color to the guitar signal via different reverberation types, such as room, long hall, plate, spring and organ hall. The available algorithms provide reverb types that fit any style of music and are specifically programmed to let you achieve a great sound by simply choosing an algorithm and adjusting the mix.

LIVE can be used as a standalone device for acoustic sounds; add a distortion pedal to it, and you’ll get a minimal but sufficient pedalboard for any style of music, from jazz and Soviet pop to really heavy genres.
Together with a distortion pedal, LIVE will provide a bright, clean and dynamic sound with a 100% analog dry signal path in a compact and lightweight casing (just 350 grams).

LEVEL — allows to boost the output signal to compensate for volume drop in the mix;
MIX — controls the mix of the dry and processed signals;
PROGRAM — selects one of the 8 available reverb algorithms (patches).

Guitar: TMG Guitar Co. Ronnie Scott
Amp: Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial
Cables: Toaster Cables –
Patch cables: Mulder Audio –