5 New Mestro Pedals

We were all expecting some more pedals in the Maestro line, recently revived by Gibson, in particular a phaser, since the company’s Maestro PS-1 Phase Shifter was the very first phaser pedal ever created! Our expectations were met with the addition of five new circuits to the previous five.

Priced between $149 and $159 USD, the new devices offer all a 3-knob + 1 toggle switch approach to classic effect for guitars, here’s a brief description of each:

  • Maestro Orbit PhaserA re-engineered version of the venerable PS-1 with a smooth and warm sound and the option to have either a 4 or 6-stage voiced effect. The knobs control Width, Rate, and Feedback.
  • Mariner TremoloA classic tremolo with Harmonic and Classic voicings reminiscent of the effects found in vintage amps and a shape knob that gradually modifies the LFO shape from a triangle wave to a square.
  • Titan Boost: A smart 25db boost that can be both clean or tone-sculpting, thanks to a Tone knob and a High Pass filter that can be activated through the toggle switch.
  • Arcas Compressor Sustain: A transparent compressor/expander with controls for Sustain, Attach, and Level. It offers two modes via the toggle switch: HI is more sensitive to your performance’s dynamic, while LO mode is less so.
  • Agena Envelope Filter: A classic envelope filter pedal, great for funk rhythm section or quirky auto-wah tones. Sensitivity, Attach and Decay are the typical controls, with an added Hi/Lo toggle that applies the filter to higher or lower frequencies.

Here are the videos of these new Maestro pedals.