Wrought Iron Effects Sting Overdrive

Based in Amery, Winsconsin, Wrought Iron Effects is one of those custom guitar gear builders that isn’t shy to try all sorts of new things, from effects hosted in vintage radio enclosures to straps for vegetarians that look just like leather.

The Excalibur-themed Sting Overdrive is probably one of the least bizarre inventions you can find on the company’s site, but it’s interesting enough to have caught the attention of Demos in the Dark’s Ryan.

It’s a JFET-based overdrive with a warm and crunchy voice, and a usable Tone control that progressively cuts the high frequencies.

Here’s the first video of the Wrought Iron Effects Sting Overdrive.

Sting is a small, simple twin Jfet circuit, but it packs a major punch. Good things come in small packages and whatnot.  The edge of the sword gives off a blue glow when the pedal is activated.

Voicing is warm and crunchy. This is not your typical overdrive pedal. It uses no clipping diodes, so what you get is all smooth crunch from the Jfet transistors.

As you turn up the Gain control, it allows more low frequencies into the circuit, fattening up the sound significantly.

Tone control is your typical treble cut, but dialed in to a range that makes it very usable throughout the travel of the knob, without allowing it to get piercingly bright.

These pedals are made using high quality components:

  • Aluminum plate laser cut in Minneapolis, MN and folded into enclosures in the Wrought Iron shop.
  • All of these enclosures were acid etched, folded, and finished in the Wrought Iron Shop in Amery, WI.
  • Each pedal features a Japanese built DeMont Smooth-Click footswitch for years of hassle free service.
  • PCBs made in California by Bay Area Circuits
  • All circuitry is populated and soldered by hand using repairable, through hole construction. (hint: you can mod it too if you so choose…)

Specify your choice of finish- an example will pop up when you choose each one.