Creative (musical) minds like creative tools with creative names, and the brand new Adventure Audio Whateverb checks both boxes – with flair! We were among the first ones to greet this stompbox in person at our recent Toronto Stompbox Exhibit, and we were impressed with its clever design and sound.

Funded via Kickstarter with more than 50 pre-orders, the pedal is a digital reverb that cleverly uses a very small footprint to deliver a lot of options – a good salesman would certainly say “it’s like having three pedals in one!” A little switch lever in the center allows you to pick which one of the three available reverb algorithms you want to play with. We love how the three modes have abstract names: “This,” That” and “Otherb” – referring respectively to Shimmer, Room and Modulated Reverb.

Each of the two top knobs changes function depending on the mode selected, while the third adjusts the decay of any effect. All 3 programs can be blended and warped using the smaller LED backlit trim knobs, conveniently called “Warp” and “Blend.”

Also, The Whateverb features a buffered bypass, which allows the effect’s tail to continue after the effect has been switched off.

This pedal is so new there isn’t a video for it yet, but you can check out the Prototype’s demo below.