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May 19, 2016


NYC’s Acid Dad, elected as The Deli’s Best Emerging Band of 2015 just a few months ago) boast an electric sound that welcomes psychedelia, garage rock, and post punk in constantly varying doses, and a rock’n’roll attitude that screams “NYC late ’60s” (and at times “Manchester late ’80s). From what we hear, a guitar pedal is central to the distortion sound on their latest EP ‘Let’s Plan a Robbery’ – we asked guitarist Vaughn to elaborate…

“My favorite pedal right now is the Klon KTR reissue overdrive. It sounds just like the original Klon but doesn’t cost $2000. I used it throughout our latest EP. You can use it really discreetly on guitar riffs to give it that classic rock vibe or crank all the way for major feedback and fuzz like solos.”