Valco BloodBuzz

Valco, a Canadian company that – intriguingly! – doesn’t seem to have a web presence, put out a new pedal called BloodFuzz, a tribute to the rare Lovetone Cheessource of ’90s.

The circuit comprises of a Fuzz and a Drive circuit in parallel, several videographers picked up on it, check out their videos below.

The Valco BloodBuzz is a tribute to the rare Lovetone Cheesesource pedal from the 90s, which stacks gated fuzz with a warm, dynamic overdrive/distortion. The BloodBuzz delivers all this in a familiar wedge enclosure with different voicings for each effect, plus some tone enhancements for the modern guitarist. Each effect is independent and is designed to be used on their own or in any configuration, thanks to separate input output jacks. This allows allows you to choose to insert effects inbetween or simply change their order. The powerful 4-way Voice switch gives the Fuzz side a tone bypass for classic two-knob 60s pych sound, a muffy 1kHz mid scoop or familiar gated, sputtery sound that put the Cheese on the map. The Drive section has its own 4-Way Voice switch that works in tandem with the Tone control. Full range drive or boost can be achieved with the tone bypassed, or you can adjust highs in Voice 1 or deal with low end shelving with great precision in Voices 2&3. Of course, all this control is extremely welcomed when you start to stack these two effects and sound you never thought possible. The Valco BloodBuzz is made in Canada with high quality, road rugged components and can run on a battery or standard 9V power.