Here’s a brand new pedal you might be able to try in person at our upcoming 8th Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit (we say “might” because these babies are selling fast!).

The No Masters Fuzz is a take on the clear sounding Selmer Buzz Tone‘s 3 Germanium transistor circuit, and it’s the product of a collaboration between East coast’s Farm Pedals and West coast Land Devices – who obviously share an interest in earthly matters.

While the left knob is an expected volume control, it’s the right knob that makes this pedal stand out from the crowd. It’s a voltage controller that allows you to dial anything between 3.5 to 9V for a sound giving you both vintage and modern options.

The red switch on the right consists in a “depth control” which switches between the classic fuzz sound and a lighter sounding Germanium-style overdrive.

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