Tomkat Day Dreamer

Brooklyn one-man builder Tomkat Pedals unveiled the expanded version of his popular Day Dreamer Echo-Reverb, which adds Modulation and Subdivision buttons.

The Super version delivers up to one second of delay time (the old one stopped at 600ms) and both have a separate control for spring-style reverb.

In the Super version, clicking through the MOD button scrolls through different waves and speeds of modulation, which is applied to the delay repeats, and the same can be said for the subdivision DIV button.

Here’s a demo of the original Day Dreamer:

At the 2019 Stompbox Exhibit we asked Tom to show us the effect’s new features and sounds in the video at the bottom of this post, check it out!

The Day Dreamer is my first venture into time based effects and offers both delay and reverb in a small package with simple, interactive controls. Features a basic digital delay with minimal filtering on the repeats to keep things loud and washy with up to 600ms of delay time. The reverb is a bright, and springy/hallish, with a some modulation, that pairs well with the delay for real ambiance. Individual knobs adjust the mix of delay and reverb so you can have one or the other or both. Regen and Time are controls for delay feedback and delay time. Holding down the single foot switch on the Day Dreamer engages the “Free Fall” mode for self oscillation on the fly. Combining the delay, reverb, and free fall makes for a super fun playing experience with a tons of tonal possibilities.


  • Simple, straight forward controls.
  • Spring-like reverb
  • Up to 600ms of delay time
  • Multi-function foot switch
  • Internal trimmers for “Free Fall” adjustment and for overall effect volume
  • Artwork by Liam Sparkes laser etched onto enclosure


  • 3.25″ Wide
  • 4.35″ Long
  • 1.8″ Tall
  • Top mount jacks
  • True Bypass
  • Uses standard 9V DC negative center power
  • NO battery option
  • 120ma Current draw