Spain’s Thermion has burst onto the scene with four pedals at this year’s NAMM, two of which are gain-based—the Breakthru and the Uprising.

The Breakthru is based on fiery, cranked British combo amps, delivering a one-two punch of classic crunch that can be manipulated in any way you choose. Featuring an extensive and generous EQ section, the Breakthru is a versatile drive for your collection.

thrmion uprising

The Uprising is a dual boost that runs the gamut of dirt effects, from sparkling cleans to raunchy, punishing gain that will put your amplifier on red alert. Be sure to check out the entire Thermion line at Winter NAMM 2019. – Nicholas Kula


Achieve the boosted “Blizzard of Nails” British tones that influenced many guitarists and generations with Breakthru. Two channels of mid-rangy overdrive that will upgrade your tone with a new dimension of punch and dynamics from Indie or Blues to Hard Rock tones.

Designed with the same internal structure as a classic 2×12 British combo amplifier, Breakthru packs a Normal channel with a gain control, a Bright channel with a gain control and two bands EQ and a master section with a phase-split treble damping control and a global volume.

Thanks to its three-way VRM switch, you can use Breakthru as a Vintage (V) or Modern (M) pedal connected to the input of your amplifier, or as a preamp (R) connected to a power amp or the return jack of an effects loop.

Satisfying even the most exquisite ears, Breakthru is built one by one using high-quality components, adjusting each gain stage so the sound is optimal in every unit.

Equipped with SE2 technology, it can be used to record through any audio interface. Just open your favorite DAW and load the impulse responses, exclusively designed for Breakthru, to turn it into a real British amplifier that will take your recordings to the next level.

If you want a robust, versatile and exclusive dual overdrive, get your Breakthru.


Two switchable overdrive channels.

Normal channel with Gain control.

Bright channel with Gain, Bass and Treble controls.

Master section with global volume control and global “tone cut” treble damping control.



Do you miss gain and punch on your amplifier, or do you want to shape your tone without giving up the most natural overdrive? Here’s Uprising.

Uprising is the dual booster that faithfully recreates the behavior of a tube gain stage. Whether you want an effective tool to give personality to your tone, an organic sounding overdrive or a booster that savagely pushes your distortion, Uprising dares everything.

Discover its enormous versatility with three different gain modes and two output volumes, to use in your rhythmic and solo passages.

If you want an organic sounding, robust and versatile booster, able to push your tone to the next level, get an Uprising.


EQ controls: Lo Cut (low frequencies cut), Hi Boost (high frequencies boost).

Three way switch with three gain modes: high, mid and low.

Gain control, dual footswitchable output volume (level G, level R).

True bypass.