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As we gear up for the Stompbox Exhibit this weekend, we wanted to point out one of the exciting boxes that will be on hand, as well as a truly fascinating story. Through a long-standing labor of love and quest to replicate the classic tone of AC/DC’s guitarist Angus Young, a gentleman by the name of Fil “SoloDallas” Olivieri has created a faithful recreation of the Schaffer-Vega Diversity System (SVDS) called The Schaffer Replica. Apparently, Olivieri dug up an old interview with Angus Young where he was asked what effects he used on his guitar to which he basically replied, “none, just my Schaffer Wireless.”

After reading that, Fil Olivieri sent an impassioned plea to Ken Schaffer, the inventor of the SVDS, convincing him to send him two of his last remaining original copies of the vintage (and valuable) systems. These storied effects were used by the likes of AC/DC, Todd Rundgren, KISS, Aerosmith, members of the Grateful Dead, and the Rolling Stones. They were the first reliable working wireless systems that paved the way for the arena rock show as we know it today. Despite the advancement of wireless equipment over the years, the SVDS remains highly coveted today for its dynamic tonal enhancing features.

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The SVDS replica was created in two versions both of which are non-wireless. The Gold edition (pictured here, which sold out almost instantly) is a small cabinet version reminiscent of the original. while the more affordable stompbox version retails for $399 US and contains the same circuitry as the cabinet.

The stompbox will be on hand at the exhibit this weekend, so fans of vintage classic rock have to come try this one out.  Ken Schaffer will be at the show at some point… he served as a publicist for Jimi Hendrix, Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, and Todd Rundgren back in the day, so there sure will be some good stories to share… – Ryan Dembinsky