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September 9-10, 2017 – Main Drag Music, NY.
Manufacturers interested in participating please contact Paolo.

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The Stompbox Exhibit is an interactive show of guitar pedal effects.

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The first exhibit was organized in Manhattan’s Lower East Side in October 2011. We currently have scheduled 4 yearly shows: Brooklyn (Fall), Winter NAMM in LA (January), Austin (March) and at Summer NAMM in Nashville (July).

Here’s a shortlist of manufacturers who participated in our exhibits:

Dunlop, T-Rex, Strymon, TC Electronic, EHX, EarthQuaker Devices, MOOG, Ibanez, Vox, Eventide, Analogman, Ibanez, BOSS, Pigtronix, Rat, HardWire, ZVex, Keeley, Walrus Audio, Seymour Duncan, Whirlpool, Source Audio, Darkglass Electronics, Eden, Randall, Bigsound/Smallsound, TSVG, Red Panda Lab, HardWire, DMB, El Rey, MI Audio, Bearfoot FX, VL, Jam, Wampler, Black Cat, Selah, Mod Kits, Fender, Fuzzrocious, Emma, Maxon, Rainger FX, Dutch Kazoo, Adventurous Audio, Enormous Door,  WMD, Diamond, Big Ear NYC.

Musicians are invited to bring their own guitars and plug in directly into the pedal boards. They will be able to test the pedals and hear them directly in the headphones, which will be plugged into an amp emulation unit.