The Stompbox Exhibit (now part of the Synth & Pedal Expo)


Established in 2011, the Stompbox Exhibit has risen as the foremost global gathering for guitar pedal enthusiasts.

Stompbox Exhibit

Presently held across major cities like NYC, Los Angeles, London (UK), Montreal, and Portland, and with a presence also at the NAMM show through a shared booth, this event has become an unparalleled platform for pedal aficionados.

Traditionally open to the public at no cost and centered around personal auditory experiences through headphones, the Stompbox Exhibit underwent a transformative fusion in 2018. This merger united forces with our other gear show the Synth Expo, resulting in the evolution of the event into the cross-pollinating and twice as busy Synth & Pedal Expo.

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Below you’ll find the blog posts we did about each event. Coverage happens also and mostly in YouTube videos shot by third party YouTubers.

Stompbox Exhibit coming to L.A. at Sam Ash on Dec 2-3, 2017!

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Pedals at the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2017 (M-T)

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