TC Electronic Polytune

We finally managed to put our hands on a TC Polytune – people at the Winter NAMM show back in January were pretty excited about this little white box. What makes this tuner truly revolutionary is the fact that it is poly-chromatic, providing the ability to tune all strings concurrently: Strum all six strings open and the display shows which individual strings are sharp, flat, and on pitch. And yes, it works for bass guitars, too!

Our initial impression was extremely positive — the polytune does a good job of tuning in a manner that has never been accomplished before, provided you stick to standard tunings. It can also tune strings individually the “old fashioned” way, and you need to use this traditional method of tuning when dealing with alternate and/or dropped tunings, or guitars with seven or eight strings.

The polytune is just as easy to use as any other tuner pedal available. It was easy for us to make full use of its capabilities whether tuning in poly-chromatic or chromatic modes. We tested with a variety of six-string electric guitars and a five-string bass. There’s not much we can really say about the polytune other than this: the revolutionary product worked as advertised! Read the full review here.