TC Electronic MojoMojo Review

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing TC’s TonePrint line. Since then I kept thinking to myself… I really wish there were an easy go-to distortion that featured the same quality and no-brainerness. The TC tone gods have answered my prayers! Usually anything that claims to have “mojo” doesn’t have any ‘mojo’ whatsoever. Fortunately, this little brown pedal packs the juju in and then some.

I’ve been using two amps to demo this pedal: a Goodsell 1×12 17W speaker that uses EL84 tubes and a very simple Class A circuit, as well as a Carr Rambler 1×12 which is 50W Class AB circuit. The Goodsell can be driven with a strong guitar attack, but the Carr is a clean machine. With the MojoMojo engaged, I really feel like I gain another channel on both amplifiers. The pedal allows the character of the amp to shine through, while taking my tone into an authoritative “distorted” realm where harmonics come easily and transitions from a big clean verse to a singing, thick lead tone are a cinch.

I can’t say that the MojoMojo has any ‘mojo’ of its own, in that I don’t think that you could pick it out of a blind lineup… really where this pedal excels is in allowing your OWN mojo to shine — the pedal feels very alive and it’s only when you bend over to tweak a setting that you remember you’re getting this sound from a pedal! It comes equipped with independent bass and treble knobs which really help tune the pedal to the amplifier, a feature that edges out a lot of the competition for grab-and-go usability. A voicing switch also gives some fixed control over mid-range. Finally, the dynamic response is quite impressive — I feel like the response to my volume knob tweaking is far beyond what I’ve experienced in this price range. – Ben Wigler