TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader

With the Impulse IR Loader, TC Electronic continues in its string of derivative (but oh-so-affordable!) pedal releases, an approach the once edgy Danish company has embraced after being purchased by Behringer-owned Music Group, aka, the Scrooge of the Musical Instrument community.

This new release is a mini Cab simulator that comes with 25 factory presets and can upload (via USB) another 74 Impulse Responses, for a total of 99. 12 of the 25 presets were curated by Celestion – there are some optimized for bass and acoustic guitar.

An A/B mode can be set by holding the footswitch, allowing to easily compare two different settings. Pressing the two preset browse buttons at the same time gives access to a two-band EQ with high (at 10kHz) and low-shelving (at 100Hz).

That’s all there is to it, folks!

We added this pedal to our article about Amp and Cab Modeling pedals.

C Electronic Impulse IR Loader

Prepare to Get Loaded… on Impulse Responses!
IMPULSE is our first IR Loader. As always, we aim to give you guitar tools that support your playing rather than a degree in tech manuals. In short, it’s a Cab Sim and IR Loader, and just like we made tuning a breeze with POLYTUNE and looping simple with DITTO LOOPER, IMPULSE IR LOADER will make the complexity of working with impulse response files disappear. Simply drag and drop your IRs over USB or use the dedicated IR organizer for PC and Mac, then IMPULSE IR LOADER will take care of the rest and make you sound like the best.

Room for 99 IR’s in a Bite-Sized Box
Talk about optimized storage space! IMPULSE IR LOADER holds up to 99 Cab sims as IR emulations that you can load and use near-instantaneously. Riff, funk or rock out any way that gets your chops flying. You’ll get 25 IRs right out of the box, leaving you with an additional 74 slots for your creative needs. Read on to find out what kind of guitar goodies we pre-stored for you!

Celebrate Good Times with Celestion
Chances are you already know Celestion’s amazing cabinet speakers, and they’ve already meticulously created accurate and natural-sounding IRs of their most popular models. So, we figured, why not go directly to the source and collaborate with the best!? We’re proud that the IMPULSE IR LOADER comes pre-loaded with 12 of the finest, official Celestion digital IRs – hand-picked from what we believe to be the best IR on the market. You’ll find these IR wonders in slots 1-12. Once you’ve checked out the included 12, we suggest you pay Celestion a visit to explore even more of their digital IRs.