tremotronHere’s a new video of the Stone Deaf FX Tremotron, a dual analog tremolo with tap tempo and MIDI connectivity.

“With individual controls of Depth, Rate and Wave Shape, Tremotron gives you the ability to set each tremolo at different speeds or automatically sync in time with each other using the same syncopations. Why not pick your own wave shapes such as sine, square, ramp, reverse? Or maybe even make your own? Layer it up with some modulation so things get a bit tasty, by pressing a control knob down and then by moving the controls, different colours on the LED’s indicate how much you are now adding or reducing your modulation.

You can also recall 4 presets within the pedal itself and in addition save and recall 128 presets via the MIDI input using any MIDI device including a DAW, Keyboard, Control Looper etc. Foot control is via a regular expression pedal to selectively cover the Depth, Rate and Shape of each tremolo, independently or separately. This means that you can control one tremolo via expression while the other is fixed or both at the same time or individually, which allows you unprecedented creative options.