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With the ’72 Tri Muff v6 Fuzz, Florida based manufacturer Stomp Under Foot gives us a sweet take on the “Triangle” Big Muff, which was the first version of a circuit bound to go through many transformations. The triangle Big Muff appeared in 1969 and stayed in production until 1973.

As noted in this History of the Big Muff:

…component values [were] different from one Muff to another, giving each a slightly different sound.

This, of course, inspired many pedal builders to try and recreate Muff emulations that sounded like the best sounding vintage units.

This particular pedal, though, is a recreation of Version 6 of the Triangle Big Muff, which, according to videographer Just Nick,

…has the most usable balance of clarity on the top end and thumb on the low end with just enough meat in the middle that it doesn’t wash out.

Those interested in reading more about the Triangle Fuzz can check out the blog of Stomp Under Foot’s owner Matt Pasquerella, here.

Just Nick is particularly fond of this unit, here’s what he has to say about it:
“Spectacular version of the cult favorite muff-style fuzz. Massive heft, plenty of clarity. Works amazingly well as an OD too!”

Check out his video below.