This past weekend, Montreal’s SolidGoldFX unveiled two new prototypes at our Sonic Circuits’ Stompbox Exhibit – they are both fuzz pedals.

The Yellow 76 Plus seems to be an evolution of their 76 Octave Fuzz with an extra Filter Footswitch and several extra controls – to be precise: new Mode, Clip and Color toggle switches and new Speed and Texture Knobs. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but it looks like a fuzz synth kinda thing to us.

The dark blue Communication Breakdown, on the other hand, is a double fuzz that crams six knobs and four toggle switches. Each fuzz gets Volume, Bias and Fuzz Knobs and Color and Input toggle switches. Each fuzz circuit has its independent footswitch.

Looking forward to checking out the first videos of these two stompboxes!