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Mythology is a recurring theme in boutique guitar pedals, whether referencing satanic figures in stompboxes targeting Metal players or the more benevolent religious characters from ancient Greece. In their pursuit of sonic goodness, Nashville’s Siren Pedals has chosen the brighter, latter path, although the singing half women half fish were considered responsible of the drowning of many sailors, and their logo curiously features another rather evil character, the half woman and half bird Harpy.

The company’s overdrive Juneau (maybe a reference to Juno?) is a reinterpretation of the classic Bluesbreaker circuit featuring both Tone and Presence knobs.

You can hear it sing in the video below.

Meet Juneau. This beast of a pedal is Siren’s interpretation of the classic Bluesbreaker circuit! This stompbox radiates wonder, admiration, and is strikingly beautiful. It purrs like a kitten and roars like a beast. You’ll quickly discover why it is the king of overdrive.

Our Juneau Overdrive Pedal provides all of the sonic goodness of the much admired and missed Marshall Bluesbreaker Stompboxes. It contains everything you love about the original but with modern improvements and enhancements.

Here’s what you get in this stompbox thoroughbred:

  • Top-mounted jacks
  • Presence control so you can achieve sonic goodness
  • An amazing EQ section
  • 9V battery and 9V power supply (sold separately)

Juneau provides the purest of sounds and will find to a way to pounce your heart. It retains all of the greatness of the past with the modern feels you love along with amazing good looks.