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We were all in awe at NAMM 2015 when we saw T-Rex’s tape delay Replicator for the first time (a Eurorack model of it was then unveiled late in 2016 at our Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit).

Well, the Danish company managed to get us to… replicate that feeling at this year’s NAMM, by unveiling the prototype of their Binson Echorec pedal, another “monster” stompbox that looks nothing short of breathtaking.

It’s a fully analog resurrection of the Binson Echorec, an echo effect produced in Italy and based on an analog magnetic drum recorder, rather than tapes, and particularly dear to early Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett days included!).

Of course, this thing ain’t going to be cheap (we hear the street price will be around a grand), but we have the feeling there won’t be shortage of interest for it.