Ruach is an Irish company that builds all sorts of (very pretty) guitar products out of wood, including this Amp Juice Boost/Overdrive.

This pedal’s main function is to provide an easy way to balance volumes when switching guitars with unmatched outputs, while also offering  extra punch for solos and choruses.

The Design Team at Ruach Music have developed a unique eye-catching pedal that is bold; both sonically and aesthetically. With bespoke analog circuitry designed to react to all the subtle nuances of an individuals playing style and technique – using a gain staged preamp it allows for a massive boost in volume perfect for switching between guitars with unmatched outputs and offers that extra punch for those solo’s and choruses.

To provide the perfect amount of drive and compression – discrete preamps provide gain in several stages. Like in a preamp – this is determined by how many discrete stages are employed, and the levels determine how the stages behave.

This pedal is a literal iteration of the Ruach brand – a hardwood enclosure in the form of their trademark teardrop, shaped by the hands of the Ruach team in their Northern Ireland workshop.