The list of manufacturers that use wood for their pedal enclosures is not very long, and if, on the one hand, that organic material has definitely a lot of visual appeal, on the other it is always cause for concern when considering the unit’s sturdiness (at least compared with the standard metal cases).

Anasounds, a relatively new French boutique builder, has found a reasonable compromise by creating stompboxes with a wooden top and a metal bottom. The company is comprised of a young team of charming (hey, they are French!) entrepreneurs “brought together by the desire to find stunning vintage analog tone” – and of course also by the desire to create stunning looking pedals, which they surely accomplished!

They currently have nine products under their belt and a growing following. They seem interested in all kind of effects, from modulation to delay to distortion – they even have a compressor.

Their latest effect is the Utopia Tape Echo with Modulation, a vintage tape-style echo – check out the video by The Pedal Zone at the bottom of the post and the one by Pro Guitar Shop by clicking on the pedal’s thumbnail in the gallery below.