Anasounds Feed Me Mk3

French builder Anasounds unveiled a new version of their Fuzz Face evolution, the Feed Me Fuzz Mk3. Embedded in the company’s new FX Teacher Project, this effect is built in a way that allows the user to easily apply mods to the circuit through the addition of terminal blocks and/or tweak under-the-hood trim pots, or to build it from scratch as a DIY kit.

In its regular version, the Anasounds Feed Me Mk3 comes with three knobs (Feed, Smash and Out) and two toggle switches (Bass and Crack) that can deliver a wide variety of tones.

While the Feed and Out knobs deal with gain and output, the Smash one is only active when the Crack switch is engaged. The latter transforms the circuit into a gated fuzz, with the Smash control altering the supply voltage from 0 to 3.8V, delivering those spitty, supercompressed, “dying battery” gnarly tones.

Lovers of fat fuzz sounds can leave the Bass toggle alone for a full-spectrum tone; engaging it will slightly tame the low end.

Internal trim pots allow to fine-tune the bias of the transistors, which is originally adjusted for an open and dynamic fuzz, and the gain of the fuzz, from creamy to raw fuzz tones.

Here are the videos of the Anasounds Feed Me Mk3 Fuzz. We added it to our article about the best fuzz face clones and evolutions.

Anasounds Feed Me Mk3, Builder’s Notes

feed me mk3: the legendary fuzz from the 60’s, in an ultimate version
We no longer need to introduce this famous circular fuzz pedal, which produced the iconic sound of many guitarists in the 60’s, and offers a unique sound going from a creamy and dynamic fuzz, to a punchy fuzz with sharp trebles.
The extremely simple circuitry leaves a lot of space for customization, hence our own interpretation with the Feed Me.

The Feed Me mk3 offers the classic sound of the original model, rich in treble and sustain.
But also a thick and fat fuzz, for more modern sounds close to stoner tones.
Or a Jack White-like gated fuzz by using the Crack and Smash controls for a velcro texture.
While remaining ultra expressive and responsive as always to the guitar’s volume and tone controls, with the Feed control, for warm cleans.

even more possibilities

The FX Teacher project allows you to go even further in your tone quest. Indeed, you always have the easy-to-access front panel settings, they allow you to quickly adjust your pedal.
On the inside, you know our trimpots well, we’re definitely fans of them at Anasounds. They are very fine adjustments that offer a sound precision worthy of the creator.

But this time, on top of all that, we added terminal blocks! They allow components to be easily added and removed with a simple screwdriver.
Like you ended up… creating your own pedal!

The input level, for an incredible dynamic, or a self oscillating fuzz
when turned all the way up.
The output level, to hit the amplifier.
Allows to alter the supply voltage of the circuit, from 0 to 3.8V, when the CRACK mode is activated. For a brutal gated fuzz!

toggle switches
On the lower position, a wide-spectrum, deep and fat fuzz.
On the upper position, the bass capacitor that you have placed on the terminal block, to cut more or less the bass frequencies.
On the lower position, an open and dynamic fuzz, perfectly reactive to the attack, with a regular power supply.
On the upper position, an underpowered fuzz, supplied by the SMASH control, for an ultra-compressed gated fuzz effect.

terminal blocks
To screw in capacitors only. Depending on the capacitor chosen, the basses will be cut, for a more aggressive fuzz.

Bffects the bias of the transistors, which is originally adjusted for an open and dynamic fuzz.
The gain of the fuzz, from creamy to raw fuzz tones.