Posted by
Paolo De Gregorio
Nov 16, 2018

The Revv G3 Purple Channel is a new, tight and clear distortion pedal that’s getting a lot of attention [(and it’s actually not out yet…) from a manufacturer that has built a name for itself through tube guitar amps and cabinets, and as a matter of fact the stompbox is presented as the third channel of their own Generator 100 Amplifier.

A pedal designed with metal players in mind, the G3 features a very responsive 3-way EQ section and Blue and Red aggression modes that give slightly different character in the mids (red being the most aggressive).

A slew of video surfaced in the last few weeks, Ryan from 60 Cycle Hum and Ola Englund seems particularly enthusiastic about it, check out their demos, below:

Here’s a few more:

Revv’s Purple Channel 3 is one of the most unique tones in modern amps. Extremely tight & clear with the right amount of saturation for any situation. Now that tone is available to everyone in a less-expensive pedal format that’s versatile & feels great under the fingers.

|||Suitable for|||: Metal, Rock, Blues, Country, Prog, Fusion, Punk, Extreme.
|||Plays nice with|||: Combos, Heads, Pedalboard Rigs, in Effects Loops, w/ Cab Modeling.
|||Form Factor|||: Small Single-Space Enclosure, Standard 9v Power, Durable Construction, Top-Mounted Jacks, Blue LED, Laser Etching.

— Mix-Ready — Smart filtering keeps lows tight & highs present with no mud or ice.

— Feels Great — Constant revisions ensured the attack & bloom of notes is inspiring to play, like your favorite amp.

— Versatile — Fat and warm or tight & bright. Heavy amp-like saturation or light overdrive.

— Integrates Into Any Rig — “Distortion channel” in front of a clean amp, another flavor of gain with a multi-channel amp, easy traveling, great studio tool, works great with analog & digital.