deep ani

Our friends at Gearphoria published a review of the Death by Audio Deep Animation in their 30th issue. The pedal is an intriguing take on the envelope filter.

Here’s the intro, read the full piece by Wade Burden here.

THE DEATH By Audio Deep Animation is an envelope filter/ follower. I typed that sentence and then stared at it for around 20 minutes. It’s an accurate, but really boring sentence. Upside: DBA doesn’t make boring pedals. They make extremely interesting, weird pedals. Downside: “envelope filter” is the kind of word combo that would make me stop reading in paragraph one. Envelope filters aren’t cool. They either sound “farty” if they’re bad, or if they’re good, people say things like, “They have a lot of quack;” and then play generic funk jams while smiling as if the only thing holding funk back was getting just a touch more quack out of their envelope filters. “Farty” and “Quack” aren’t things I’m into. So, you’re just going to have to trust me when I tell you the Deep Animation doesn’t suck, and it isn’t boring at all. – Read the full review here.