phaserWe met the Retro-Sonic‘s Tim Larwill at our recent Montreal Stompbox Exhibit earlier this year, and it’s great to see this ProGuitarShop video of their Phaser. The company’s no frills approach allows them to laser focus on tone. You can read our little profile about the company here.

Here’s more info about the pedal directly from the manufacturer’s site:

The PHASER is based on the classic 4 stage Script circuit and the PH1-r, with a few additions for a more versatile pedal.
Like the Phase 90, the Phaser comes standard with a Rate control, but the similarities end there. The Phaser takes a page from the PH-1r playbook and adds Depth and Resonance, two controls that are imperative to exceptional phase tone. And what a tone it is—between these three controls, and especially the Resonance knob—a variety of phase tones are possible, from subtle warble through molten, volatile sweeps.