There’s only one thing that’s more powerful than passion: two of them at once!

There are many guitarists who are so into fuzz pedals they can’t stop buying new ones that (to the uninitiated) sound ever so slightly different than other ones they already own. It’s safe to assume that a considerable percentage of these guys, some of the ones now in their forties, must have been obsessed with the Nintendo Game Boy when they were teen, right? After all, the electronic toy sold almost 120 million units world wide… How many people are we talking about here, a few tens of thousands? Maybe even more!

If you belong to that not so small niche, here’s a pedal you might have trouble saying no to: the Super Fuzz Boy, a fuzz stompbox hosted in a Game Boy original enclosure, hand built by UK manufacturer RayGun FX.

Not much information can be found online about the pedal’s specs or what those two knobs do (they are as expected for volume and fuzz), but hey… it’s a fuzz (a thick one) and it has the look of your favorite toy from the old days, what else do you need to know about it?

If you are curious about how it sounds, check out the videos below.