Mike Hermans introduces us to this new octave fuzz by Indiana based boutique manufacturer ProAnalog Devices.

More info from the manufacturer’s description:

Ascension’s octave up tracks from the first fret, to the highest fret, and everywhere in between.  From a clean octave up, to thick, heavy, feedbacking octave fuzz, Ascension retains a clarity not heard in other pedals.  The harmonics and sustain do not die or trail off, like many other pedals.  Ascension stacks well with all fuzzes and overdrives, and loves to be amplified by other drive pedals.

Ascension Control Layout
Swell — Volume
Peak — EQ knob that allows you to intuitively control the apex of the octave up, from the bassiest to the brightest setting.
Boost — Dynamic Boost that adds girth, body, thickness, sustain, and fuzz.
Attack — Lets you control the amount of signal going into the octave up fuzz circuit. Note: Peak, Boost, and Attack work together interactively, to allow you to find your own unique sound and voice in an octave up.