Based in Merrillville, IN, ProAnalog Devices is a small builder dedicated to building… professional analog devices (as in guitar pedals)! The company has been getting an increasing amount of attention since the 2017 release of their Klon-style Manticore overdrive, described by Riff City as a “fresh take on the topic” in their Best of 2017 article.

The demand for that stompbox became so overwhelming that the company was forced into looking for ways to increase production, and reached out to Cusack Music‘s Jon Cusack for advice on ways to re-engineer the Manticore in a way that would cut down the manufacturing process without affecting its tone. Cusack delivered, and now builds the V2 units to ProAnalog’s specs.

Scotty is enthusiastic about what Cusack was able to contribute to the project: ” Jon and his company have been amazing in helping bring this pedal to the masses” – he says. “Everything they have done has exceeded our expectations, so we view this as a great partnership/collaboration.  We have hired Cusack to engineer our entire line of effects pedals we are releasing over the next 24 months.”

Available in four new colors and scheduled for a November 6 release, the Manticore V2,  also features a few improvement over the first version:

  • an OEM electronic true bypass soft switching circuitry design
  • A new control called Savage which is a unique low pass filter / bass control that adds gain, punch and fattens up your guitar signal as though you just plugged into a 4X12 cab! It’s called Savage because when you dime it, it RAGES!

V2 has also a “price improvement,” selling at around $60 less than its older sister.

Here are a bunch of demos of this “klone.”

Here’s a video in which company owner and designer Scotty Smith showcases and explains the Manticore V2.