Here is the list of prizes that our sponsors of The Deli Year End Polls for Emerging Artists are providing for the winners:

10 copies of PreSonus Studio One 1.3 DAW
– Full Review here

Every now and again, a product sneaks up on the audio public in a way that makes discovering its graces all the more significant.  Studio One Pro from PreSonus is one such product.  A virtual powerhouse audio editor, Studio One Pro delivers and outshines its competition by leaps and bounds while remaining intuitive, simple and affordable. – Read the Delicious Audio review of Studio Pro here.

5 copies of SoundToys Echo Boy Plug In full review here.

52 main

Echoboy is the flagship processor in the SoundToys Native Effects Bundle and doesn’t disappoint in its wide array of uses. This plug-in alone boasts over 30 different built-in echo styles with instant access to a wide variety of classic delay and echo boxes including EchoPlex, Space Echo, Memory Man, DM-2, and the TelRay oilcan delay. The most remarkable thing about EchoBoy is simply how unique each of their delay styles sound and how strikingly similar they are to the hardware that they are meant to emulate. – Read the review of the SoundToys Effects Bundle here.

5 copies of SoundToys Decapitator Plug In – full review here

SoundToys aims to bring a little bit of analog gear saturation to the digital realm with Decapitator ($179.99 Native). The folks at SoundToys chose five pieces of classic analog recording gear, and modeled how they reacted as they were pushed to the point of saturation and then well beyond their normal limits. This resulted in five unique saturation algorithms, which are represented on the decapitator by the ‘Style’ buttons (labeled A, E, N, T, P). These choices include an Ampex 350 tape drive preamp, a Chandler/EMI TG channel strip, a Neve 1057 input channel, and a Culture Vulture distortion device (with either the triode or pentode tube setting). – Read the full review here

10 copies of HardWire RV-7 Stereo Reverb Pedal full review here

rv7 front imageThe Hardwire line of Guitar Effect Pedals is made with the touring musician in mind. They are solidly built and full of useful extras (see upcoming full review of the full set for details).

The promotional materials for the company’s reverb pedal RV-7 regularly and enthusiastically tout Hardwire’s partnership with Lexicon, a company that makes reverb rack effects and software.

The RV-7 Hardwire’s  digitally models vintage favorites plate and spring reverb and adds room and hall modes for those looking to replicate the sound of an empty venue, bringing realistic reverb and a ton of options for players who want more control than the real thing is able to offer. – Read the full review here

10 copies of FXpansion BFD 2.0 Drums Plug Inread review here

BFD21 kit

BFD2 is the second edition of Fxpansion’s industry-leading full-featured acoustic drum simulation software. The package comes with over 55 gigabytes of lovingly recorded drum samples, but samples are just the beginning of what BFD2 has to offer musicians and producers. If you work with a DAW, have need for realistic acoustic drum tracks, and don’t have access to a recording studio and a professional kit, BFD2 is an essential addition to your setup. With a large number of expansion sets already on the market and more on the horizon, we can’t recommend it highly enough. – Read the full review review here

There will also be extra prizes in studio time from our local Deli sponsors!