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The Maritimus Fuzz is the first pedal by Croatian builder PLBR Effects, and showcases a comprehensive approach to this effect through an abundance of features above and under the hood.

Take a look at the video by Living Room Gear Demos and read more about it here or at the bottom of this post.

Maritimus fuzz is a swiss army knife of BMP type fuzz pedals. With 3 clipping options in the first clipping gain stage, 6 options in second clipping gain stage, 3 different EQ shapes, pre-gain control, noise and feedback switches; it brings you endless possibilities dialing in your favorite fuzz tones.

Lifting the diodes from the first clipping stage with an internal switch makes it suitable for a bass guitar.

  • True bypass switch
  • Top mounted jacks
  • Suitable for guitar and bass
  • Each pedal comes in a box equipped with user manual and optional 4 sticky rubber legs


This product is intended to be used with a high-quality isolated power supply. It uses 9V DC negative center 2.1mm barrel. Unregulated power supplies and/or higher voltages may result in suboptimal noise performance and even damage your unit, voiding the warranty. Our products do not have battery snaps or battery compartments due to ecological reasons.
Current draw for this pedal is ~4mA


PRE GAIN – Controls the amount of signal entering the fuzz circuit

TONE – Controls the EQ sweep. Turning left increases the bass, right increases the treble. For different tone EQs check SHAPE control

HIGHS – Controls the curvature of high mids and treble side of the EQ. We suggest starting each SHAPE with HIGHS turned to the left and then increasing if necessary

SUSTAIN – Controls the amount of fuzz which increases the sustain when turned up

VOLUME – Controls the output volume

NOISE – Disengages the control over excessive high tones which results in more noisy, unstable and even gated sounds

FEEDBACK – Momentary feedback button engages crazy drone/octave/squeal sounds which heavily depends on CLIPPING, NOISE and SUSTAIN controls

CLIPPING – This pedal offers 6 different clipping options which are compressing the fuzz sound in different ways. 1) Silicone diodes, 2) Germanium diodes, 3) Schottky diode/LED pair, 4) LED diodes, 5) MOSFET, 6) no diodes (Warning: high increase in volume).

SHAPE – Changes the shape of the EQ which is controlled with TONE and HIGHS controls.
1) Classic BMP EQ with small mids dip
2) Heavily scooped mids
3) Punchy mids

INTERNAL DIP SWITCH – Controls the first fuzz clipping stage that sets the base sound of the pedal.
1) LED diodes – more open, distortion like sound
2) Silicone diodes (stock) – compressed fuzz sound
3) no diodes – less compression, suitable for bass guitar (Warning: high increase in volume)