Pine-Box Sirens

We love Demos in the Dark’s videos highlighting lesser-known boutique manufacturers, and this week it was the turn of the Pine-Box Sirens, a chorus-vibrato with overdrive, here’s what the videographer has to say about this device:

This pedal is quite the departure from the other pedals that Pine-Box Customs makes. It’s a very cool chorus/vibrato with an added drive section that sounds a lot like tape saturation to me. It’s a lo-fi machine!

Each effect takes one side of the pedal footswitch included, with the overdrive on the left (black and red knobs) and the Chorus/Vibrato on the right (white knobs). This is a collaborative pedal, since the Chorus section was developed by Steve Demedash of Demedash Effects.

Check out the videos of the Pine-Box Sirens , below.

SIREN- Any of a group of female and partly human creatures in Greek mythology that lured mariners to destruction by their singing.

SIRENS is a dual channel chorus/vibrato and overdrive.

From subtle movement, all the way to devastation upon the rocks, Sirens can offer you warm, traditional, all analog chorus sounds or a fully wet warble. Add an overdrive on the tail end, and you have a sound platform to get lost in for days.



MIX- blends the wet and dry signal. chose between 100% dry or 100% wet.

DEPTH- adjusts the LFO signal. from no movement to a deep modulation.

SHAPE- Blends between two waveforms. Triangle and Square.

RATE- sets the speed of the LFO.

LAG- sets the delay time for the LFO.


VOLUME- controls the output volume of the overdrive circuit

DRIVE- controls the amount of gain in the overdrive circuit. from a subtle boost, to a fully saturated fuzzy drive.

The chorus circuit was developed by Steve Demedash of Demedash Effects! You can view his work at

True Bypass
High quality Neutrik jacks
Enclosures printed and painted by Pine-Box.
High quality Wima & Nichion Capacitors
Built from start to finish in the USA
Standard negative ground power
measures 4.67″x3.68″x1.5″