The PedalPalFX PAL 800 Gold Overdrive is one of those ever-green pedals that keep getting better and better with each new version. This Hot Rod JMC800 in a box was recently updated to V4, and the new features are relevant enough to push it up in our comprehensive article about the Best Plexi-Style Pedals.

V4 retains the six knobs found in previous versions (reflecting the ones found in the Marshall JCM amps) but fits everything in a compact case, whereas V4 featured a wider enclosure.

The three-position “voice” switch was moved to the top right of the case and offers three British amps gain tones options:

  • JCM II Setting is the original design from the PAL800 GOLD Overdrive V1, delivering a modern JCM800 tone.
  • Mod #07 features a configuration of the Gain Voicing switch from V3 with more tone range & structure response in the gain section.
  • Mod #34 recreates a 959SLP or JCM800 mod used by guitarist Slash and improved in this new version over V3.

The pedal uses the same circuit schematic (3-band EQ included) that you will find in the Plexi amps, replacing vacuum tubes with transistors.

A “Master Tone” trim pot inside the main PCBoard allows the fine-tuning of the final tone.

Hear how it sounds in the videos below:

PedalPalFX PAL 800 Gold Overdrive V3

V3 of the PedalPalFX PAL 800 Gold Overdrive added a three-voicing toggle switch emulating different models and a I/II footswitch with a 6db boost difference, just like in the 2 inputs of the original amps. The “#34” toggle activates a mod dear to guitarist Slash.

This pedal is the result of all our knowledge and experience with the most famous British amps tone and also with our PAL 800 JCM Emulator and PAL 959 PLEXI Emulator pedals. It includes a three position switch known as “Gain Voicing” that will allow you to get different British amps gain tones.

Each pedal is carefully setup by hand for maximum performance and tested by the founders of PedalPalFx, therefore it is not a massive production pedal and there will be only a few per month available on the market, a true “Boutique Pedal”.

How does the “Gain Voicing switch” work?
This three-position switch will allow you to get different tone responds (Voicing) in the gain section of the pedal, the change between positions will be more radical at low gain settings and smoother as you turn up the “Gain” knob. At maximum “Gain” knob position this switch will not affect the gain voicing respond.

The middle position is the most flat respond setting of the three positions, ideal to use at low gain settings (bellow 11 o’clock position of the “Gain” knob), the lower position will give you more middle and bass response and the upper position more brightness and less bass response.
Each position will affect the output volume level of the effect depending of the “Gain” knob position, in this case, you will need to adjust also the “Volume” knob to your taste when you use the “Gain Voicing switch”.