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Oct 16, 2013

Analog Man’s Mini Chorus pedal is a fabulously warm, shimmery chorus with a distinct voice. Sure, digital chorus pedals offer more versatility for your money, not to mention crystalline clarity, but if you’ve got the means and you’re looking for a vintage sound you could pick out of a lineup, you should track down the Mini Chorus.

Since the Mini Chorus is handmade and can be ordered directly from Analog Man, you can customize it (Analog Man can also customize a wide range of pedals you probably already own). The review model had two optional extras, the depth toggle switch and a wet/dry mix control knob, each adding $25 to the Mini Chorus’s $225 base price. The depth toggle is nice—sometimes you want a more intense chorus, sometimes you don’t—but unless you really want super-subtle chorus, the wet/dry mix control is something you can live without. Analog Man will set the pedal to a fixed deep setting for free if you opt for the standard package without additional frills, but until you’ve tried both it would be hard to guess which one you’ll like better. It’s hard to understand why this useful dual-mode functionality isn’t part of the basic package.

It’s easy to dial in whatever preference you have in speed and depth. Somewhere in the middle sounds pretty sweet for everything from clean picking to fuzzed out chords and solo strings; the most useful modifier is the depth toggle, which adds heft to quiet strings and can cut unwanted boom from loud ones.

Mini Chorus is a winner for anyone looking for something a little special in their chorus and can shrug off the wide range of features offered by more modern mainstream pedals. But if you’re in the market, do yourself a favor and tick the box for the toggle switch. – Howard Stock

Try the Analog Man’s Mini Chorus at the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2013. Here’s a video demo of the basic version (no depth and mix knobs).