madprofessor goldencello

Pedal and amp manufacturer Mad Professor recently created a new guitar pedal to be sold exclusively through Guitar Center and its subsidiary, Musician’s Friend.

Available later this month for $199, the Golden Cello is an Overdrive/Fuzz with a Delay circuit, designed to give you that classic late 70’s/early 80’s lead sound – using only one stompbox. Play it through any decent, clean amp and you’re promised a “sweet cello-like singing fat lead tone with the most luscious open ambient tape delay.”

The Golden Cello has just four knobs: Volume, Delay, Tone, and Drive. The Delay knob functions only as a level control for the Echoplex-like effect: internal trimpots allow you to adjust the delay time and level of the repeats. Rather than provide a fully-tweakable range of settings, the apparent goal of this pedal is to dial in a particular (and sought-after) tone.  After listening to a few of the YouTube demos of this pedal (see below), I’d have to say that, in this respect, they’ve done quite well.

This collaboration with Guitar Center also comes in conjunction with the launch of the Mad Professor USA website, which will serve as a western base of operations for the Finnish company. The Golden Cello is available on June 26th. –Mike Bauer