Australian builder PastFX has gotten us used to tweakable variations of classic pedal circuits, and a RAT-style distortion couldn’t be missing from its roster. The PastFX Mixchief fills in that gap through a circuit featuring the original LM308 op-amp found in the vintage RATs, with a series of useful additions.

While its three main knobs reflect the ones found in the original RAT pedals (Gain, Volume and Filter) the Mischief gives the player 4 clipping configurations assignable via the Pulse rotary knob:

  • White – Stock symmetrical Clipping
  • Blue – Asymmetrical Clipping
  • Red – LED Clipping
  • Pink – Unique Clipping configuration using several components include Germanium Diodes

The following controls offer extra tonal variations:

  • A 2-way switch on the top gives you 2 extra Bass settings: Bass and Turbo Bass, simulating the fatter distortion of the ProCo Turbo RAT. The center position is the stock one.
  • The Sizzle¬†push button in the middle adds extra bite, always useful when it’s necessary to cut through a dense mix

An extra push button below the Sizzle one disengages the “Pulse” Switch – this will change the LED to green.

Check out the first videos of it!