Here’s a really interesting overdrive we shot at our NAMM Stompbox Booth, the Terran Overdrive by Mexican manufacturer Paradox Effects!

Terran is a mid/high gain overdrive with a resonant parametric equalizer, inspired by the legendary V4 Amplifier. The purpose of this pedal, is not only to deliver a sculpted tone, precise and powerful, but to re-voice your guitar’s tone completely. Use it as a pre-amp to change your tube amp’s voice, change your pickups’ qualities or even as a cab simulator, Why not?

The heart of the Terran lies in it’s Ampeg V4 inspired Tone stack. One of the most impressive things when interacting with this amplifier was the range of voices that you could articulate using the midrange control. Our approach with the pedal, was to provide that versatility with the selection of 3 bandwidths, chosen in a meticulous manner, 700Hz, 1Khz, 1.5Khz, and as well as controlling the resonance of the filter (Q), enabling you to re-voice your instrument to your creamiest desires. Making your humbuckers sound like single coils? No problem!