This video was shot by Liam Killen at our MTL KnobSession 2022.

Pictures of the event here (synths) and here (pedals).

“We had a great experience at the show. It had been a long time since we have had the opportunity interact face-to-face with current and potential Roland and BOSS users in Canada. It was a perfect amount of traffic for the capacity of the event space. We always had at least 2-3 visitors at our tables at any given time.
There is great value in users having the opportunity to test and experience the sound and workflow of our instruments in person. With product specialists on-site, there is the extra value of being able to guide new users in approaching something for the first time, as well as answering more specific questions from product-aware visitors.” – Dustin (BOSS/Roland)

“I was extremely happy, great location and great foot traffic. Mutek performances in the evening. Could not have been better. The traffic was the maximum that one person could handle I would say. But it was great! Both existing customers and new ones stopped by, and there was very good interaction with all of them.” – Daniel (ASM)

“We were very happy overall. The turnout was very good, and the venue was one of our favorites so far. Nothing can replace in-person interaction with our products. The people that attend these events are fans of gear, and it means almost all customer interactions are of high quality; these are not casual passers-by. From the attendee POV, the ability to try out so many different products in-person is invaluable. We see a lot of “Kid In a Candy Store” type vibe!” – Erik (SFM, Keeley, Jackson Audio, Two notes)

I was very happy with the overall experience, the traffic was steady and I was satisfied with the number of people who interacted with our gear and the intimate and focused atmosphere. Real-time live interactions allow the customer to get a feel for the company and vibe. – Gerry (Sequential)

“I was very happy with the event. Met a ton of interesting people and users seemed really excited to be there and try the gear. I thought the headphone only aspect was amazing. It meant you could actually talk to users. The space was also really beautiful. As for weakness, working with Steve’s Music was challenging. Saturday was insane! So many people! Sunday was a little slower, but it was good because I could have more in depth conversations with interested users.” – Michael (EmpressEffects)

“Extremely happy. We had fun and it was great exposure. It was our first time and we were a bit scared but it turned out awesome. Saturday was very busy, and both boards were in use most of the time. [We were happy with the sales] especially on Saturday, it was good for us.”Emilie, Gup Tech

“Happy with the overall experience. The level of traffic was very good, our table was busy.” – Sylvain (Erikson, Novation)

“Very happy, I was hesitant at first since I didn’t feel I was ready for a trade show but the reaction was so good that I guess I have to do more now! I had no idea what to expect and sold enough to cover my expenses and then some. “Mike (Fish Circuits)

“My feeling from what I saw and from the feedback I received is that it was a very good show. The level of traffic seemed very busy. The venue was great and having the outside setup was super. The hands-on approach is very valuable. Overall my feelings about the show are very positive. Good job Paolo.” Jerry (Jam Industries)

“Great experience. Well-organized. Nice venue. More people than I expected attended.” Andy, BJ  Music (Pigtronix, Supro, D’Angelico)

“It seemed quite good, we were mostly busy the entire two days, can’t complain. Friendly, well organized, great location, great to interact with players.” Dave (Fairfield Circuitry

“Happy with how it came together–communication was good and expectations were appropriate. The number of people interacting with our gear seemed proportionate with the attendance overall.”Sylvie (Red Panda)