Oneder Effects Red Ryder

The Oneder Effects Red Ryder is a RAT-inspired, made-in-Michigan distortion pedal with a few tricks up its sleeve.

Hosting the LM308 chip found in the vintage RAT pedals, its compact case sports a series of controls that allow expanding the venerable distortion’s tone in various ways.

The pedal has a more amp-like sound than the original RAT, and features two clipping modes selectable via the toggle switch: stock Asymmetrical Silicon diode  (up position) and the louder and crunchier LED diode clipping (down position).

The two smaller knobs control the Wet/Dry Blend of clean and distorted signal and the Pre-Gain Low End. More info can be found in the manual!

Hear the sound of the Oneder Effects Red Ryder Distortion in the video below. We added it to our article about the best RAT clones and variants.

Oneder Effects Red Ryder, Builder’s Notes

-Loaded with the mythical LM308 chip like a vintage Rat, but tuned to be more amp-like
-Switch from Asymmetrical Silicon Diode clipping (up) to the more crunchy and loud LED diode clipping
-Weight contour for pre-gain low end control
-Wet/Dry Blend Control to emulate using two different amps in a bass rig, to add clarity to your signal, or to blend with other pedals (and it lights up!)
-True Bypass
-Top Mounted Jacks
-Softer-Click Footswitch
-Laser-etched acrylic faceplate for retro feel and durability

Requires a standard 9v center negative 2.1 barrel connector power supply (not included.) Isolated DC power supply recommended. No battery snap.