The NRG Effects Poker is a high-end Silicon transistor evolution of the classic Rangemaster-style treblebooster circuit with a couple of tricks up its sleeve.

The main difference compared to your regular Rangemaster is that this pedal can overdrive, therefore it’s not just a boost. The control layout gets also expanded with an extra knob, two toggles and an extra footswitch – let’s see what they do:

Loud knob: This is the volume knob
Stab knob: It increases the boosted high midrange frequency that’s the treblebooster signature.
Poke knob: This is the gain control, turn it up for saturated and overdriven tones.
Poke footswitch: It activates the gain stage.
Bulk toggle (3-way): Other pedals call it “Fat” – it raises the bottom end.
Horn toggle (3-way): It offers two extra voices, one more overdriven and one bordering on distortion

There’s also a mini version of this pedal. Here are the first videos of it, we added the NRG Effects Poker to our article about the Best Treble Booster Pedals & Rangemaster Clones.

NRG Effects Poker, Builder’s Notes

Vintage inspired boost/drive/tone-shaper.

My take and development on the vintage treble booster type circuits… but it’s loads more than just that!