11916 Red Witch Pentavocal Tremolo Effects Pedal REDTREMOLO a

Simple but infinitely charming, Tremolo is an effect that never seems to go out of fashion, making its way in most musical genres, from folk to… industrial. There are a bunch of rather unique tremolo pedals out there, and the Red Witch Pentavocal is definitely one of those.

This stompbox offers all your typical tremolo option: the Velocity knob controls the speed, Depth the intensity, while the left footswitch triggers various wave settings that change the character of the tremolo (square or round). But that’s not it.

What’s unique about the Pentavocal Tremolo is its emphases on tone color and gain.

The Bottom knob allows to fine tune the amount of low end of the original signal, allowing for a more or less round signal, achieved through a circuit that works either as a hi or lo cut filter. The Volume control not only lets you compensate the signal loss you get when the tremolo is active (a common problem for this kind of effect) but has enough juice to get your amp to overdrive.

As if that wasn’t enough, a voicing knob on the top right of the box adds five extra coloring options, from full and lush (voice #5) to almost lo-fi and brittle (voice #1), while #3 is probably the more balanced.

If you are looking for a tremolo, definitely consider this one.