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The folks at Origin Effects say it took them several years of research and development to finalize the RevivalDRIVE, and looking at this beast we can certainly see why!

This is a stompbox that’s packed (and we stress packed) with features that are destined to fire the sonic itches of many tone connoisseurs out there.

So what’s in this pedal, and what does it do, exactly?

The RevivalDrive is a fully analog overdrive sporting a complete valve amp–style signal that emulates a wide range of British and American amp tones. Its unique circuit design incorporates not only the preamp, phase inverter, power amp and rectifier stages but also a synthesized mains power signal and a speaker-emulating reactive load.

The preamp, phase inverter and power amp are routed through a choice of two rectifier channels that are selectable using the left footswitch: One features a silicon solid-state circuit and the other a valve-style one.

Each channel can be tweaked using the 6 big knobs controlling Volume, EQ, Blend and Ghost, a unique feature that emulates the “ghost tones” generated when cranking certain vintage amps. Two extra mini switches per channel provide extra tonal options.

As if that wasn’t enough, 5 smaller metal knobs and 2 more mini switches give the player access to extra EQ, Gain and Filter possibilities, with a Parametric Mids EQ (on the left side) that can cleverly be assigned to either channel through the Mid Assign switch, and a Re-Amp EQ (on the right side) that deals with the cabinet emulation settings.

An optional two-button footswitch lets you activate the Mid Boost and override the Blend knob for 100% OD aggression.

For the irredeemable tweaker, Origin is also releasing a custom version of this pedal with extra functionality on the front panel and a secondary EQ geared toward amp matching (see picture below).

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There’s actually a lot more under this pedal’s surface, hidden in the way all these settings interact with each other. We are eagerly waiting for the RevivalDRIVE’s manual to understand the circuit’s subtleties.

Enjoy these great-sounding videos, and read more about the pedal here.